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About Working With Me

My mission is to provide compassionate and professional hypnotherapy services that empower people to align with and achieve their greatest aspirations.  
Our values are based on commitment and respect.

Common Concerns

In  order to go into hypnosis all you need to do is to follow the guidance from your hypnotherapist. close your eyes, relax, follow instruction.

No physical contact is necessary to fall under the hypnotic state. Hypnotherapy is really defined as guided self-hypnosis, so you are the one creating this space.

It is as if you were daydreaming at home with a voice guiding you through.

Bottom line, it makes no difference if the hypnotherapist is in the same room with you or if you are talking through a video service. As long as the sound comes through , the session and outcome will be the same.

Remote Therapy Is Equally Effective

 Working remotely is as effective as personal one: the therapeutic effect is achieved through words alone, hence there is no difference between working in person or via video.

At the start of the first session we check if the equipment is functioning properly and minimize the chances of technical faults.

You are responsible to ensure the connection works constantly on your side and making sure that no one is overloading the connection (streaming video at the same time).

If you are unsure, we will assess the quality of your connection at the very first session, preferably even at the free consultation/ or test you scheduled beforehand.

Zoom is used for all sessions and uses less broadband capacity than Skype, which should provide better quality of connection.

You should ensure that you adjust the sleep mode setting to 3 hours prior the session.

In probably less than a few minutes, you will realize that and you will be able to open your eyes and fix it. For momentarily disconnection, Zoom reconnect automatically. We will simply continue forward with the session.

You should always ensure that you have a fully charged laptop or computer before we begin the session or be plugged in power source. You will probably open your eyes before a few minutes and fix the issue. I will be waiting for you to reconnect, or we will continue the session through your mobile phone or tablet.

You will not get 100% goodness from this session, but we will reschedule as conveniently as we can. While there is no irreparable damage or arm caused by emerging from hypnosis in the middle of a session, it might be an emotional moment for you. I strongly encourage you to have two means of communication available and ready to go before we start the session.

Basic Requirements for Remote Sessions

You must have the following minimum internet connection and equipment to be able to participate remotely:

1) High speed internet – Broadband or better;

2) Zoom software must be installed and working properly;

3) A good web camera, and headset with microphone (we must be able to have a good, clear view of your face and upper body, so your camera must be close enough to you;

4) Our test “meeting” prior to the session has been conducted through your free consultation. If you require more testing, please reach out to us so we verify it is working satisfactorily.

5) It’s important that we test in the same room/location you will be in when your sessions will be conducted.

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Book a Free 30 minute consultation 

Setup Your Zoom Account

Get Ready For Your Online Hypnosis Sessions


  • Visit
  • Setup a free Zoom account
  • Install the Zoom software on your computer
  • *Optional* : Request a “test” call to setup technology
    At least 48 hours before your appointment, email and schedule a time  to TEST your setup and the technology to confirm everything works as expected before your appointment.


  • Be settled into an environment where you will be undisturbed for the length of your appointment.
  • Click the your personalized Zoom Link in your confirmation email.
  • Be sure to turn “on” your video and audio (see below)


  • Use a desktop or laptop computer for online Zoom meetings:
    For best audio/video connectivity, please join your online Zoom meeting room from a computer rather than a smartphone/mobile device. Make sure you have good internet connectivity.
  • Arrive Early:
    Log in at least 5 minutes early to ensure everything is ready to go and you can connect to Zoom
  • Get Comfortable:
    Chose a comfortable chair and environment. Have a blanket and pillow available, your body temperature will drop while in hypnosis.
  • Choose a Peaceful Environment:
    You should be in a space where you can be undisturbed for the length of your appointment. I recommend shutting and locking the door, putting a sign on the door if needed and having animals wait outside the room.
  • Backup method:
    If we get disconnected or the Zoom call isn’t working, we’ll use your backup line which is usually your phone. Have that at hand with you.
  • Create a Quiet Space:
    I suggest to all my clients to buy a headset. You can find a good one for under $50 that includes headphones and a microphone. If you’re in a loud or noisy environment, you may even consider some kind of white noise. If you need help with this let us know and email us at

Get Started on your Journey to the Best you Today

Book a Free 30 minute consultation 

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