Energy healing

I use protocols and a set of skills to helps my clients move toward positive changes. I teach and encourage the regular practice of those skills to gain self-awareness, authenticity, and ease.

Together, we work on the chakras and aura, specifically clearing and evolving the emotional (astral) and physical (etheric) bodies. We release and shift themes, patterns, behaviors, relationships, repressed emotions.

There are multiple versions of chakra systems out there.  I am working with the Western Chakra System as it is the most coherent while living in a Western Society.

How Does it Work?

The universe is defined as a field of infinite potential reality. Your aura is your field of infinite potential reality. When you have an idea that you want to manifest, you are sitting in the potential of that idea, and your aura is resonating energy for that idea because that’s your field of potentiality. The energy system is always in flow, always in motion, there’s always energy coming and going from your chakras, out to the auric field and out to the cosmic field, and back again into your aura, your body, and your chakras.

Do I need Energy Healing? What does it help people with?

  • If you are stuck in an old story, and you can’t move off of that story to move forward. You feel stuck, you feel trapped in survival or trauma patterns
  • If you are too emotionally sensitive, easily overwhelmed, you feel pulled on by other people or tend to caretake other people whenever they pull on you or not. You identify as an empath.
  • If you feel disempowered in your life, disorganized, and have trouble getting stuff done. You wrestle with inner authority issues and taking charge of yourself.
  • You feel overwhelmed by all the pain in the world, in a way that is incapacitating you. Or you create a wall of steel around you and you cannot feel trust and love towards any kind of relationship in your life.
  • You feel challenged speaking up for yourself, or choosing what you want, or being who you are. You don’t want to stand out, it’s difficult to express your feelings and wishes.
  • You are overthinking, worrying, spending time on things that aren’t even happening, but planning as if they are. You are too much in your head, all the time.
  • You feel disconnected, or disengaged from your spiritual connection, you are often out of your body, disconnected from yourself.
If any of these resonant with you, then you are at the right place for taking charge and making positive changes in your life.

I suggest a minimum of 10 sessions for a new client who has never done energy work to allow uncluttering and releasing of toxic patterns that have been stuffed down for years, perhaps decades.

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