3 Techniques to Renew & Release Energy From a Relationship.

How can we really define energy and why energy healing work?

Energy is just simply quantum physics, it’s the physics that explains how everything works. Energy is always in motion; it is a continuous phenomenon. You can pick up energy, you can transform energy and you can clear energy. Clearing Energy you hold around patterns or an individual elevate your vibration and move you towards Who You Are.


Every time you have an interaction with an individual, you are creating a cord, you are exchanging energy. You are creating a perception, a thought, a memory, a feeling from the experience around this person. As you go through your life, you may have created billions of cords per single person. Cords are like funnels of the transfer of energy between two individuals. You are holding the energy of this individual and vice versa. Your thinking and choosing in relation to this person are going to be affected by the emotional baggage you have with them. Clearing cords does not mean removing the person from your life, but it means making space for authentic awareness, evolving your relationship with this person, reclaiming your energy, and see the person as who they are now, as well as clearing out ‘others’ energy from your body. It helps you think and choose with a clear, fresh, and authentic outlook.


Agreements with an individual are a way of interacting with them, a pattern that you created around the energy of the individual. It is how you respond repeatedly, through behavior, or a theme, like jealousy, insecurity, invalidation, victimization, anger.  Those were usually made in some time and place but actualizing in the here and now. When you have an argument and you are cycling through the same issues and arguments over and over again, and engage the same toxic way, you have an agreement with this person to maintain that relationships in a way that your actions are predictable. Clearing agreements is not going to change the person, but it will allow you to remove those stuck patterns so you can act differently in the moment. When you break the patterns, necessarily, the dynamic will organically change, and you can navigate more clearly through the challenges.  The resistance and the attraction around the agreement you choose to let go of will create space for new and healthy behaviors, responses, and perspectives.


Do you carry other people’s energy? If we do not pay attention to the origin of our emotions, patterns, and behaviors, we may just be mirroring someone else’s emotional baggage. So, what if you are having a relationship with an anxious or insecure person? You might as well start feeling anxious and insecure yourself, without any valid reason, because you started carrying their emotional energy. Mine vs Not mine is the ability to give back what’s not yours and taking responsibility for only what is yours.  We do attract people with the same energy from our behaviors and emotional patterns. So, if you were experiencing your own anxiety before, you’ll be likely picking up and add theirs to yours, so it becomes exponentially more than what it really is. Imagine the burden. Mine vs Not mine allows you to clear that confusion, return energy that belongs to that person, giving you clarity on who you really are, and authentically feeling without someone else’s energy weight.

Remember, nothing is permanent. You can choose to evolve, clear, and change how you interact in your relationships. You can practice letting go of what is no longer wanted or needed. As you clear Energy, you are making space to be in the present moment, with intentional and authentic choices.

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