Self-Hypnosis Live Workshop with the 7-Path Self-Hypnosis Program®


Why is Self-Hypnosis so powerful? Because it works with the subconscious mind, where all your memories, beliefs, and wisdom reside.

This is not your typical self-hypnosis, where you listen to the same audio for weeks. After all, how can you implement new ideas about yourself when you have a hard time believing them? And so, it works differently, with your mind, your body, and your soul in oneness,  a MIND-BODY-SPIRIT approach. 

This a new, revolutionary and unique approach to make a real shift in your life.

The beautiful part about healing is that you engage in relationships consciously – you lead with boundaries, become more clear about your needs, allow people to be who ‘they’ are, just as you give them the space to accept you as ‘you’ are.

Let’s just say there are a few things you will be looking forward to in this workshop, like:

  • Removing the negative and toxic thoughts. Thoughts are your perceptions – it’s not the truth.  Get control back over your mind. 
  • Getting rid of erroneous programming. Most weeds get planted when we are a child. It sinks into our mind in a toxic thought. Time to pull them out and reprogram your mind for success!
  • Eliminating self-limiting beliefs.  We want none of thinking not being enough, or unworthy of love, invalided, unseen, shame, and guilt. There is nothing wrong with you and there never was.
  • Creating your own success. Your choices, taking a leap in life, just you being here now, is the confidence that you know there is more to lead the successful life you were meant to. 
  • Resolve inner-conflict. Often time we know what we should be doing to make the changes in life, but are just not doing it. Here’s how it helps you manage the mind to reconnect with your body. 
  • Target the underlying issue. In hypnosis, we get aware of things that we were not aware of before, it leads to powerful insights and ah-ahs moments. 
  • Gain clarity in your life. You will feel better. Your thoughts will get reorganized more positively. You will find so much more confidence in the choices you have to make in life.
  • Gatter self-awareness. A powerful mind-body-spirit allows you to perceive everything consciously and with gratitude. You are in control – mentally, physically, and emotionally.  
  • Find happiness and inner-peace. You will be able to use that technique for everything and anything in your life helping you to feel more at ease.

Let’s remove the stigma around choosing emotional wellbeing. Choose you. Give yourself time and space when you need it.

What you get in this workshop:

  • How hypnosis and the mind work
  • An understanding and awareness of emotions and how they impact behavior and thinking
  • The whole practice of 7TH Path and induce self-hypnosis
  • How to structure and compose optimal suggestions for self-hypnosis success
  • A workbook with everything and anything about this technique
  • An intimate, powerful community of compassionate individual on the journey with you
  • The opportunity to ask questions and receive ongoing support

The core of this technique is taught in the state of hypnosis. You must have a comfortable and safe place where you can connect for the sessions.  

This Workshop is a LIVE online event. It is held on the course of 8 weeks on zoom. This is held in an intimate setting. The classes are limited to 10 participants. 

The process is laid down for 8 weeks, giving you enough time during each session to practice, rest, implement and experience its full potentiality. The technique is quite easy to follow, but it requires you to give yourself the time each day to do your self-hypnosis practice. 

It’s all about helping you move forward in your life, past roadblocks and limitations keeping you from being your best.

Let’s realign you with your original mission and values and help you be your brilliant authentic self.

Who is this workshop for?

It’s for you if you…

  • Ready to incorporate and apply new information, choose a way of thinking that works for you
  • Welcoming for love, support, compassion, and giving yourself time 
  • Want to make powerful changes in your life
  • Want to learn skills they can use their whole life

It can help you with:

  • The day-to-day stuff. It keeps your mind under control.
  • Making healthier relationships and building authentic connections
  • Being a better partner, parent and friend
  • Managing triggers that make you feel a certain way 
  • Reducing anxiety and stress and how to take action to it
  • Having better sleep. You are with your mind 24/7. So use it before bed and neutralize any negative thoughts.
  • Finding the root cause that produces how you see yourself and manifest your behaviors and emotions
  • Overcoming bad or harmful habits like smoking, eating too much, and substance abuse.
  • Creating new habits like sticking with an exercise or activity schedule, eating healthier or being able to focus on schools, work, classes.
  • Improving your self-image and your self-esteem
  • Saving money and making more conscious choices with your spending habits

Your mind is always with you, so learn a powerful technique to help you get back control over it, clear it, and spend more time in a state of mental peace. You can only receive the benefits if you do it and manifest how you want to conduct your life.

Inside of you is all the wisdom and the wise answers you need to do this work and live a happy and healthy life.

What they said about 7-path:

‘’7-Path has not only improved my state of mind, I noticed that when I changed, it also changed my teenage daughter’s state of mind and our relationship. It helped me speak more positively to her. Wow, we do pass our emotions to our children’’

‘’I found that it improved my focus in life, being more able. It gives me the purpose I was looking for. It allowed me to dedicate this time to myself. I am a better husband, a better manager, a better person altogether. ‘’

‘’I had trauma from an accident and when I removed that trauma and the nightmares that came with it, I felt more at ease and  I really started to see the world differently.’’

‘’This is a practical approach to reconnecting to your higher power. No matter what you believe in. It helped me so much to find my spirituality and I feel so much calmer now.’’

‘’Liberating & transforming! Delta has a better plan for me that I could ever dream of.’’

‘’I stopped overacting for everything. I was able to handle my divorce in a non-dramatic way.’’

If you are interested in this 8 Weeks Self-Hypnosis Workshop, send me and email at to get to know the next start!

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