5 Reasons Why You Should REALLY Understand What Your Feelings Mean

All feelings are good, it’s what we do with them that’s either good or bad. Your feelings are simply like the light in the dashboard of a car – they are there to tell you something is going on, a need, want, or desire is not getting met, and need you to take action.

1. Ignoring your feelings lead to distracting behaviors 

Why are some people can’t stop eating when they are trying to lose weight, smoking when they are trying to stop, drinking when trying to be sober, doing too much of something that doesn’t do them any good? That’s because it the last thing that made them feel temporarily better, and when unpleasant feelings come up, instead of dealing with the feeling, they have conditioned their brain to distract.

2. Overreaction comes from emotional resonance

If you don’t understand what your feelings mean now, you don’t understand what they meant in the past. Feelings that have been left undealt with will resonate in the present, causing you to be too disproportionally angry, too overly sad, or too intensely stress in front of an event that really could have been perceived and responded more calmly and accurately.

3. Understand when it’s time to rest

Feelings are there to motivate us to take action. When we keep trying and trying and those actions don’t work, we are going to start feeling frustrated. If we don’t listen to that frustration and try something else, it will just increase the amount of frustration. Too much frustration can be harmful to our body, first leading to distraction but then also experience chronic stress and all kind of health problems. 

4. Identify the nature of the feeling so you know what to do about it

Saying you feel ‘bad’ or ‘hurt, actually doesn’t mean anything other than you’re in a state of emotional pain or discomfort. It doesn’t indicate the nature of the feeling, even less the direction to follow. When you learn the fundamentals of feelings, you know what need, want, or desire it is calling for so you can take the action that will fulfill it.  

5.  Spend less time feeling bad and more feeling good and fulfilled

Once you understand what your feelings really mean and what to do with them, you will spend less time feeling the emotional pain, frustration, and distracting yourself with unwanted behaviors, or anything you do that is not addressing the cause of your feeling. You would know to take the appropriate action to accurately fulfill that need in a satisfying way. 

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